Well, it’s official – another major release for AccessData’s flagship review tool, Summation.  From the looks of it, they’ve really improved this product with some great new features.

Obviously some form of technology-assisted review (TAR) is an essential feature for any modern review tool, and Summation includes predictive coding among their TAR offerings with this version 5.0 release.  There are some relationship analysis tools as well, which are helpful when you have a large number of custodians and need to determine the relationships they have with one another.

Another feature users will notice right away are the email threading improvements – these features are great when you’re trying to review and code an email thread and are tired of reading and coding the same text over and over.  There are also some neat data visualization tools which can help you get a realistic grasp of how much data you’re looking at, and how your review project is coming along so far.

But not all the new improvements are focused on the end-user experience – there are a few back-end features that will make our lives easier over here as well.  The first is the integration with FTK.  For you eDiscovery people out there, FTK is a forensic analysis tool (similar to EnCase), and this integration means we will be able to streamline data right out of the forensics workflow and into Summation.

Summation will also have the ability to load Concordance and Relativity load files, so moving away from other platforms is painless.

If you couldn’t tell by now, yes, we obviously have a partnership with AccessData.  So if you’re looking to try out the new version of Summation, let us know and we’ll help you with that.  And if you like the idea of using the new version of Summation, but your IT and litigation support departments are stretched a bit thin, we can help with that too!  Now that I think of it, even if you don’t want anything to do with Summation, you should contact us anyway – we can help with a wide variety of eDiscovery, digital forensics, and threat management offerings.  Just fill out the contact form on the right and we’ll get back to you.