Daniel Lim of Guidance Software wrote a sound piece about breaking up e-discovery tasks.  Directions to an e-discovery solution: Left on premises, right on cloud is the kind of model that I resonate with and I agree with his conclusion.

Here is a small infographic.


Lim calls special attention to developing technologies which facilitate in-place data culling and sophisticated legal hold.  Corporations developing e-discovery practices can do things the old way – collect by custodian and ship it all off to a vendor, or can implement solutions which reduce data volumes in-place.

A minor point which warrants discussion is using the term “Process” for this in-place culling.  Because in-place culling has not matured, the language has not either, but I believe that the in-place activity is not processing as we know it, and will need to be called by another name.

What happens in the cloud?  We shall see.